the rrd design team



Rebecca Richards-Diop

founder & Creative Director

Rebecca has been creating visual solutions to complex problems for over 20 years. After chapters in the corporate sector, the arts, and as co-founder of a non-profit, she launched RRD Design in 2011 with the goal of providing design solutions to mission-driven organizations.

Personally driven by the power of design to shorten the distance between information and understanding, she uses her skills for causes that contribute to social good.

While the majority of her non-working hours have been spent reading Harry Potter books to her sons, other favorite places to unplug include anywhere with a sketchbook or with family in Dakar.


Jessica Stone-Weaver

Designer & Project Coordinator

Mission-driven work has been at the core of Jessica’s career path from the beginning. In her more than ten years working in-house at non-profits advancing women’s and children’s health, education, and the arts, she found over and over that design was an essential component of her advocate’s toolbox.

Jessica is now thrilled to work with a wide range of clients to make their work more accessible and engaging – partnering to make the world a better place one infographic or logo at a time.

After work, you can find Jessica trying to beat her annual personal records for books read (72) and musicals attended (18).


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