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RRD Design Co

Powering positive change.


What We Do


We harness the power of visual communications to clarify complex information and inspire positive change.


Core Services


Brand Development

The visual manifestation of your purpose, built for the long term.


creative direction

Setting a creative vision that can be realized in any media.


Graphic design

Producing materials that are vital for impact.


extended Services*

Content development


Microsoft Word templates

Motion graphics



Strategic communications planning

Strategic messaging development



Web development



*offered through our collaborator network


Where We Work

based in seattle. collaborating worldwide.

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Our work has been viewed — and touched — on five continents. From highlighting digital immunization registries in Albania to developing behavior change communications in Zambia, we're reaching for impact around the globe.





What’s Driving Our Efforts



Our clients are experts in their fields. They are vision-setters and change makers. They “know their stuff” but need help sharing their knowledge more broadly. Design can elevate — bringing attention to important causes. Design can clarify — making highly complex information engaging and understandable. As a partner and collaborator, we amplify their efforts at the focal points of change.


the Values behind Our Work:

Listening is powerful.
Diverse perspectives strengthen outcomes.
Our best work is before us.


some causes we're working for

child health
health equity
universal health coverage
social justice
gender equity
the arts


Who We Are



RRD Design is led by Rebecca Richards-Diop, a veteran visual problem-solver supported by a network of independent practitioners. Our team is intentionally agile, and the principal is involved in all projects. Clients benefit by having direct communication with the creative team through a single point of contact while working on a wide range of materials.